All Praise to BSR & TM


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Thank you Thank you Thank you to BSR & ToyMaster for their invaluable non-HA but WAF-critical assistance last night on my plumbing. I described my very non-HA issue, they immediately said "sounds like a blockage further down".

Yep, that's what it was. I took my P.O.S. $30 snake, rammed through one block, hooked pipes back up, didn't work, did it again, found another blockage 18" further down, and now it works!

I was *this* close to having wife tell me to drop all the HA stuff this weekend and work on that.

Back to drilling holes in the walls & ceiling.
:) LOL ;) , you never know what kind of knowledge you will get out of our chat sessions. I remember one chat session a while ago we were actually talking about killer bees!

BTW, thanks for the compliment but I believe Toymaster was the most help! ;)

Very glad you can get back to the important projects now! ;)