Alpha Testers for AHAA


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I would like for a couple people to Alpha Test my HA software. The closer I get to releasing it, the easier it will be to find testers because configuration of the product will be more developed and flexable. But I wouldn't mind a few testers now if their configurations and setups are compatable.

I would like to start this testing by early to mid Feb. I will have the database conversion to something portable done by then.

Required: someone with a mixture of X10 & Insteon devices. I am not interfacing to StarGate, Omni or anything, so if you have a dedicated controller like that, your system should not depend on it for HA. You will need a Insteon Controller (USB or Serial does not matter cuz I am using their ActiveX control...)

Preferred will be someone just starting, has some X10 and Insteon in place and has or will get an AB8SS speaker switch and maybe a Phidget interface kit for sensors. If you use Ocelot or something and it is translating digital i/o to X10, that would work fine. Hopefully you are using HS or some other software package that you can shut off to test my app so there is not much confusion on what is causing your lights to go on and off. =)

I will put up more testing info on my site later. For now you can email me if you are interested or have any questions.


I just found this message board and saw what you're working on. It looks really nice.

I'd be willing to try out your software. I have a mostly Insteon set up with a couple of X10 devices that I don't really try to control.

One question -- Are you working on the ability to program any of the devices? I'm really interested in being able to configure Insteon scenes via computer program.

I have not messed with doing scenes yet. I just got the Insteon integration done a couple days back, so I have to rotate what I work on and honestly it will probably be a little while before I get to that.

Since Insteon's DeviceManager is still a work in progress, I don't want to code ahead of them and prefer to wait and see what new functions they add to their ActiveX control, etc.

I am also trying to focus on items that will help me reach the distributable stage so I can get the source out to other people and maybe get some help on designing some of these features.

Will keep you updated on testing timelines.


I would be willing to help you test out your software. I have a combo of Insteon and X10 in my home.