Amazing streaming video!!!!!


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Wow! I do not know what kind of smoke and mirrors they are using, but it appears to be live FULL SCREEN & HIGH QUALITY Streaming video!

It will ask to install a small applet that takes under a second, and appears trustworthy.

When thats done, click on one of the speeds for the video to start instantly. There's a commercial as well as the Matrix trailer to choose from.

THis has to be by far the best streaming video I have seen, and I did this professionally for 2 years. It sure impressed me at least!


DUH! Forgot to post the link... you can Check it out Here.
And another one I found on the site HERE.
It doesn't look too bad, the player seems to take forever to load on my system, and quality wise, I still think that Quicktime looks better (they have some really nice high quality movie trailers on their site). Nice find tho!
There's a big difference between live streaming, and canned streaming. I'll still take Media Encoder/Player anyday.