Amusing story - non HA related


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I heard about that, both BestBuy and the police offers owe this guy a huge apology. And I still haven't figured out what 9/11 has to do with this.


electron said:
And I still haven't figured out what 9/11 has to do with this.
If you add the two "1's" in "9/11" is adds up to two (the same 2 as in $2)! Makes perfect sense (err, I mean cents)! ;)


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Every year, during Black History month, a local black soroity gets major news coverage here, by staging a currency swap.

Several of the local banks participate, by providing the two dollar bills.

Then the local soroity encourages their members, and other blacks, to use only two dollar bills for all of their local purchases that month, so the local businesses can "recognize the economic impact" of the black community.

Hope none of them went to Best Buy ;)


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I have about a hundred Susan B. Anthony's here. God only knows what would happen if you gave then to the same BB cashier ! LOL!


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This, along with their well-documented practices of screwing the consumer, as well as my own personal experiences with two local stores, has led me to

boycott Best Buy

I encourage you all to do the same. Now I've got to make another bumper sticker...


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I live close to that best buy. Time for me to go buy something :p anyone have any 2 dollar bills?


I know exactly where that Best Buy is. In fact, I've been to it before. I'm going to plan a trip up there soon and make sure I get some $2 bills just to buy something. ;)