And the scale swings a bit in CQC's favor


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Hope it's ok to start a new thread, but to continue under the old when i cant' find a way to change the subject of an existing thread felt linappropriate...

Well, after getting tons of errors/crashes in all skins i've tried and on all pcs, the lack of an out-of-the box right click on the touchscreen, netremote is sliding... I may wait, but compared to ML/CQC development env, it falls short and seems far more complex to use.

The wife's frustrations with Netremote go beyond just the ipaq usage (which i agree is mostly not netremotes fault)... But the inability to do anything, the errors (maybe the crashes are bugs in the skin i'm using?), her frustrations of how to clear the current queue, how to add en entire album, not a song. The latter is mostly the lack of a right click on the touchpad, but still... She's called me up multiple times today out of frustration and at this point is willing for me to spend whatever it takes to get the job done so it works. Some things i could fix in building my own interface or fixing bugs in the existing ones (i.e. flatstyle search is hidden behind treeview!!! that is frustrating as hell - esp for her)

After getting a demo and answers to specific questions i had on dynamic display / media repository from IVB, i spent a couple of hours yday playing around with CQC and i'm now leaning in that direction. Ya the price and the licensing are still sore spots, but the bottom line is i can build the mrs a screen for audio control however she wants it to look and i can't overcome that although ML offers the same thing in most interfaces, i can't do so with the swf / MusicLobby app...

Anyways, no decision yet... i'd still like to see Harleydude's stuff for the Elk before i rule out netremote/girder completely, and i need to actually build an interface for audio and make sure she likes it (but i fail to see why not). Also m-audio integration is a must, so i downloaded zoomplayer and will see if i can figure out how to do zone control via cqc/zp...

will keep you posted...
In CQC, you don't need Zoom. We have a built in, multi-zone player that doesn't require any user interface to be running. It's a headless player. You just load up one driver instance per zone. For each one you just select the audio card output you want it to use.

The title of your thread is a little confusing:
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Yet you state:
After getting a demo and answers to specific questions i had on dynamic display / media repository from IVB, i spent a couple of hours yday playing around with CQC and i'm now leaning in that direction.

Of course, maybe it is just me... :p
Nope it's not just you - i mistyped it!!!!!!

Is there any way to update them? this stinks
What would you like the title to state? There are some limitations to the forum software and the security settings we use (handles 99% of everyday use, but every now and then...). Luckily forum admins/mods can fix these items for our board members! :p

I got it, add one CQSLaudio for each of the maudio's outputs (would have made sens if i had installed on the box with the maudio card)

One question, if i don't use jriver / zoom, how do i get internet radio / streaming urls in CQC?

For now, you would need to use something like Zoom for URL streaming, that's true. The embedded player only does local media.
Cinemar has a free (with MLServer3 purchase) plugin for web streaming called MLMusicPlayer. Doesn't require Media Center.

Of course, if you have Media Center, then you can create Internet radio stations there as well.

Also, regarding PPC web pages, don't forget to read the Readme.txt in MLServer's HTML directory on some examples and how tos on building webpages for a PPC. There is one example there of viewing weather maps on the PPC's browser that MLServer manages.
The problem is that it really has to be the same player, for both local media and web streaming, else you get into issues of having to have two players for every zone and the automation logic dealing with that and so forth.
Ya i agree with both of your points (esp Dean's on using same controller) - that is one of the pluses with Net Remote - their little server side app builds in the URL entrys into the exact same interface that is controlling media center so it's for free and fairly is intuitive...

I would use ML with Jriver or CQC with zoomplayer anyway given the feedback here, so i think all three offerings meet the need. Hoping that the cqc/zoomplayer/multi-zone setup is as intuitive as jriver multi-zone was with net remote...

thx again to oth of you - i've got some playing to do...


david, i'll read the readme, but as per some of my recent posts, PPC will not be my main controller from the house (as i originally was leaning), only the outbuilding... thus i need the large interfaces (pcs and touchscreens) to be customizable too.... but i'm not a htmlprogrammer (well not a good one) so this may be of concern - we'll see...
I'll see what I can do about extending the embedded player to handle URLs as well. On the interfaces, for CQC, there's no programming required, HTML or otherwise, to create the interfaces. It's all point and click (unless you just want to do some really, really fancy logic, in which case you can use CML for those bits.)
There are a few things to do when setting up ZP for external control, here goes from memory, IM me if you get lost. I'm in the basement all day making fantastic progress on wiring, so if I'm not around PM me.

1) For multiple concurrent streams, you'll need multiple instances of ZP. It's pretty straight forward, but I won't go into the steps unless you need to do that now.
2) In the advanced options page, set ZP up for external control. Something like "Enable TCP control". Note the port # (can't remember what the default is)
3) If you have multiple audio cards in a given PC, then to select which one to use for that instance of ZP go to the basic options page, select "custom audio device', and pick which one you want.
4) In CQC, add a ZP driver. best to add it on the same machine as ZP and your repo, but if you've got an all-in-one, that's not relevant. For port#, use the port in #2. For host, use either the dns name, ip addr, localhost, or .

Unless you do #2, you will not get a "connected to device" in the admin interface (that's a bad thing).

I think that's it - i don't use ZP anymore, so I can't quite recall it all.
It is my understanding that ZoomPlayer tends to have playback issues with internet radio (studdering problems). So you might want to look at the SlimServer driver with CQC. It is designed to work with the SlimDevices (hardware audio player), but it also works with the free software player called Softsqueeze.

Arguably, it is currently one of the better options in CQC to play internet radio, pod casts, XM and Sirius Sat online, etc. It also plays the normal CD and ripped music files, so you can really do just about everything with this one audio player.

Check out the thread on CQC about it here:
Thank you! i will check this out... I was able to get some aspects of zp working (latest version W** Pro?) last night, but not internet radio via tcp ( i could change volume, etc fine) , butissuing a play url with both asp and m3u extensions flashed the play button and did little else...

Your response indeed seems promising...