Anemometer Board


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OK, so forgive me for the somewhat lengthy introduction, but it'll give you better insight of the situation:
I've had an OS WTGR800 sensor for some time now (and working sharpish) and recently moved it from the garden to the roof. Thing is, now the sensor does't see the receiver anymore (maybe a "cone of silence" in the wireless transmission since the receiver is in the attic about 3 feet sideways?). Anyway, I don't want to move the unit back into the garden because of the wind shadow from trees and my house. I'm also reluctant to buy a complete wired anemometer when I have a perfectly good one sitting around doing nothing.

So, the idea is to somehow use the anemometer portion of the OS sensor and wire that up so receiver visibility won't be an issue anymore.
That's where the HB Anemometer controller board comes in. I haven't had a detailed look at the anemometer from the OS, but I would like to know if it might be possible to read the OS anemometer using the HB controller board?

I know it's a strange question, but please understand my reluctancy to toss away a 6-month old, functioning OS sensor that I spend 150 dollars on. Before I do that, I want to make sure it couldn't be salvaged...
I do not know if our controller board would work with WTGR800 or not. The wind speed may work but I doubt that the wind direction would.