Animated Christmas Lights


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Earlier there was some discussion about syncing Christmas Lights to Music. I am happy to say that this season I got my lights Synced to 3 songs. B) I use a 16 Channel Light-o-Rama controller connected to my HA computer to run the show, and an FM transmitter to broadcast the audio to people's cars. So far it's worked pretty well.

Here's videos of my 3 songs. Wish Liszt seems to be the favorite.

Christmas Canon -
Wish Liszt -
Do They Know It's Christmas? -

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask! B)
Very impressive. I can only envy the fact that the rest of your cocoon must be buttonned up (without an IVB'esque parts closet).

EDIT: I really don't want to know how long that took either.
Great Display. I'm not sure if I have the patience to sync to music.

I'm going with d-light . A bit cheaper and the software is getting to be amazong, early versions were buggy.

I'm going to start with 16 channels for now and this year I spent most of my time finalizing the display. Now just have to watch out for extension cord sales.. :)
Absolutely JAW DROPPING!

What an amazing display!

I bet you are SOOOoooo sick of every single note of all 3 of those songs, and never ever want to hear them again ;)
Nah, I'm not sick of them (yet). :eek: The funny thing is give me a second or two to look at the lights and I can figure what what song it is doing and where it is in the song. ;)