Announcements when someone is home


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I have some announcements that are made throughout the week. I have designed them to trigger at 7:30pm, when someone is generally in the house. I use ROCOutlook to do the majority of the announcements.

How does everyone here set up their announcements to only go off when you are home? Please note that I also have DooMotion. I see it as a cache that builds up any announcements made when there is no motion. When motion is triggered in my Living Room, the cache is empty and the announcements are made.

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I am actually working on something like that, where each announcement goes through a function, which will parse it (make corrections, etc.), queue it when in away mode, and be able to 'dump' the queue once requested, either using TTS and/or a small LCD display in the kitchen (similar to scrolling through your Caller ID messages while you were gone). Right now I have a medication timer for my wife, which will announce that her medication is due, every 10 minutes, whenever there is motion (so if she falls asleep, she doesn't get disturbed).