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Hi fellow Premise stalwarts.  I've been talking about this for quite a while, and I'm finally ready to release a preview version of a home automation platform that you may find interesting.  Check it out here.  I've got a few beta slots left.  If your interested, click on the signup at the top of the home page.  I'm still working on getting documentation updated (especially the developer docs), and building out a user forum.  If you sign up in the next 30 days, actively support the beta, and contribute a driver/module, I'll gladly give you a free license. 
A few things that you may find interesting.
  • GHA abstracts user-level control from device-specific control (sound familiar?)
  • Media handling
  • User interfaces for Android and Windows (iOS coming soon)
  • Don't like the interface, we supply a library to let you consume GHA's web services without dealing with low-level http calls, formatting and interpreting of JSON, XML, etc.
  • Built-in scripting and the ability to build modules
  • Documented Driver SDK to let you build your own device drivers.
  • Relationship with Noonlight to provide 24x7 alarm monitoring services if you use the built-in alarm capability, compatible device (there's a built-in driver for Konnected.IO Pro).
  • Support for the very popular Blue Iris security camera system.
  • MQTT support built-in
  • A number of pre-built drivers for popular devices (i.e. ISY, Hue, SmartThings, GC100).
My motivation for doing this is that I really liked Premise's flexibility and ability to do custom work.  I was unhappy with the market trend of using "free" cloud services that expose your information.  When Premise or drivers started not working on newer hardware, I started building my own system.  It's gotten to the point where I think it's commercially viable and would love to get it out to the public.  That's where you can help by being a member of the beta community!
John!  Great to see you again.  And good to see what you're up to.
I flipped over to Home Assistant some time ago and mostly dislike it.  Is yours Windows based?
I'd love to give it a test, but it doesn't look like you currently support anything I use.  I use a mix of UPB and ZWave for lighting.  And Russound for my WHA system.  Lighting and media are the two things that matter to me most.
I'd love to give GHA a go, but can't code my way out of a paper bag.  So would be dependent on others for drivers.
Oh, and $99.95 is a great price point.
Hi Sam!!!!
Hope you and your family are doing well. Yes it is Windows-based.  What do you use to control your Zwave?  The USB dongle?  What model Russound are you using?  I may be able to swing a couple of drivers for you.  The device model for lighting controllers I built is pretty flexible, so it shouldn't take too long.   Same for the matrix switcher.  If I can get a cheap version of your Russound off of ebay, I may be able to swing something...
Give it a try anyway, you can get a feel for how the product works.  You will find it "familiar" :)
John - I am using the Nortek USB stick.  I am actually using some Zigbee stuff too.  So here is what I have:
Nortek/Sigma Designs HUSBZB-1 ZWave & Zigbee controller
A handful of ZWave dimmers & a ZWave smoke detecotor, some Zigbee smart bulbs and a couple of Zigbee water sensors
UPB (Simply Automated UMC-DB9-W RS232 Interface)
Lots of assorted dimmers & lamp modules
Russound MCA-C5 8 source/8 zone matrix
Logitech Harmony Hubs
Denon receiver and other HT stuff.
I do currently use Google Home for voice control.
And if it is familiar, that would certainly make me happy :)  I do miss Premise...