Another From CNY


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Hello all. I don’t usually hang out in forums much but since there are so many CNY locals here I thought I would give it a try. I have a big rambling old house in Cazenovia NY that I have been wiring one way or another for about the last 22 years. My current system is based on a Stargate controller that has been running great for many years now. (Before that was a Hypertek Homebrain and before that was a GE Homeminder, a Regency Regulator, etc.) My other core technology is a music system based on Slim Devices SlimP3 and Squeezebox music players. I recently started playing with Homeseer and XAP to integrate the music players with Stargate but I haven’t gotten very far on that yet.

I hope to pick up some new ideas here and maybe some tips on how to improve on what I already have.
Hey Mike,

Welcome to CocoonTech, glad to see we have another CNY member joining! Hopefully you can stick around!