Another How-To Request


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First id like to say this site is great. I'v learned more about home automation here in the last week than i'v learned from HomeSeer and the rest of the web in the last year. (HomeSeer is a nother great site so dont get me wrong)

On that note... I have installed Apache on previous computers in the past but currently i do not have any web servers setup except for the one that came with homeseer. I would like to see a How-To on setting up Apache to work with HomeSeer. Also i know a little about PHP so it would be great if you could setup apache/PHP/ASP and many others

I do realize that this is easier said than done but maybe you could work with one of the Free Auto setup installs which you can find at ( ) I would say include ASP as well and any other major SSL that you think should be supported.

The reason i say go with Apache and not Microsofts IIS is because everyone has access to a free version of Apache but not everyone is running Windows 2K and im not sure if you can get IIS for free.
I am working on a tutorial (whew, you are posting everywhere! lol) showing how to setup apache & php so you can use it with Homeseer. I am not going to include support for ASP in the how-to, but I might take a look at including SSL, not a bad idea.
Im just tryng to support the site as much as possible. From day one of starting with homeseer iv been wanting a site just like this one. Its a great site for new guys like myself so i figured i should give you as much feedback as i can and i would encourage others to do so also so that you never get bored from writing those how-to's Now i just need to find that donate button.

P.S. A good Madness idea might be T-shirts with the logo on it. Maybe you could talk to homeseer and automated outlet and get them to put ther logos on it also and they could both pitch in on the cost o the shirts for with you. I am a proud supporter of all 3 sites and would where that t-shirt with a smile. (OK so now im kissing a little ass but its true. HomeAutomation is great!.....and addictive)
Both AO and HST are supporting the site already, I do have a plan for tshirts etc, but I have to finish some of my other projects first before moving on. Thanks for the support.