Antenna Help


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I have a Yagi antenna for my 2.4g wireless cameras.

That is a directional antenna in th middle of my property that I currently have mounted pointing up.

I think I bought the wrong antenna and I should have an omni directional. Can someone recommend what type of antenna I should use on my little 4-channel 2.4g wireless receiver?

The Yagi gives me enough range (kinda) but a lot of spots get real bad reception and I figured it might be their angle relevant to the directional antenna and that an omni directional may help get uniform reception.

BTW, My mobile tank/camera platform is working well (not autonomous). I can even roll through neighbors yards and make sure everything is ok but would like just a little better footage.

if this is just for your rover . . . why not automate the yagi . . . with some kind of swr meter and a pan and tilt base . . . it could follow the rover . . .