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I have been struggling with wireless video for sometime. I finally bought a 8db 2.4ghz antenna from It was an great experience. Their prices were very good, nice website, COMPLETE product offering (cables, adapters, mounts, etc). It shipped fast and installed even faster.

This product trippled (if not better) the range of my cheap and Swann wireless cameras. (Both have built in transmitters). I got no additional interference or reflection problems, although it did not clean up existing reflection problems and I did not expect it to.

Here is the antenna I bought for $38!

I also bought 9 feet of their low-loss cable so the receiver could stay inside. Shorter is better, but this is nice cable and I see no loss for using the extension.

I was worried about picking up more 2.4ghz noise so I did not buy the 12 or 15db versions, but I would now...

My RC car (YES I threw out the tank project and am using professional RC stadium trucks now. They are fast and carry multiple cameras and batteries and can still jump =) has driven past 3 neighbors on each side and still had a strong signal.

I am always glad to offer links if anyone wants more information. I just ordered a CCD board camera for $34 and also ordered a cased 200mw transmitter/receiver for $159. I will post how these products and companies turn out.