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Perhaps this is not entirely within the realm of this forum, but I know there are knowledgable people here.

What do you think of Anti virus stuff like Norton Anti virus Internet protection McAfee etc.?

Every time my subscription comes due I think " this stuff is a crock. " How does one know it's doing anything? Windows is always downloading something without my knowledge or consent. Heck it'll even interrupt what you're doing and restart the machine!

I'd appreciate your thoughts.
IMHO, stick with the free ones. I use ZoneAlarm for a firewall and AVG Anti-Virus. I also run MS's Anti-Spyware product. I've been using these for years (except for MSAS) with no issues or damaging infections.
I like AVG and would probably still use it even if it wasn't free. Had MacAffee for a while and it caused me more problems than it was worth.
I just rebuilt my machine, and decided to no longer use Norton AV (eventho I have a valid license) because it is using so many resources, and the company itself has disappointed me as well. I am now using AVG (there are a few others, just check with google), it seems to do the job, it's a little slower when it comes to scanning incoming e-mail and has a few other quirks, but you can't beat the price.
electron said:
I just rebuilt my machine, and decided to no longer use Norton AV (eventho I have a valid license) because it is using so many resource, and the company itself has disappointed me as well.
Agree 100 percent. I have two more valid licenses (purchased a three pack), yet went and bought McAfee instead of putting this *&^%# Norton software on my other machines.

It's a shame seeing how Peter Norton's name is being disgraced with this present company's products! :blink:
I would agree symantec's stuff is getting more and more bloated.. as a guy responsible for 2000+ PCs running Symantec AV, I am not impressed..

There latest version has spyware detection, but it isn't that great..

I do like Trend's product line though.. Use AVG for home stuff b/c of cost...

I believe M$ is going to charge for it's defender software once it comes off of beta??
I REALLY wish I could afford a hardware firewall! I had to turn off my Norton Internet Security because it blocked my Internet connection (EVEN with every block disabled). It is TOO GUI! I really wish they would work back toward their roots or at least give those of us that know how to adjust things the ability to!
I'm seriously looking at doing an Astaro firewall for the house. For ~$30 / year it seems more than reasonable for perimeter protection.

On the business side, Symantec is frustrating to say the least. Trend is better, but not perfect. I wonder where Panda stands. What the hell are you guys using as it seems like a crap shoot to me.....
I wonder why someone would make and distribute a free anti virus ( or anything else ).

Maybe I'm just cynical, but it seems to me there's always gotta be something in it for someone.

I'm not all that trusting that those ,even with the best intentions, have all their ducks in a row. I remember in one of Norton's things, they wanted you to put all your important info... credit card# social security # etc. in a certain list so Internet Security would know that was something to never give out without approval. My thought was, " boy it's handy for me to assemble all my improtant stuff and put it all in a convienient little sack for some unscrupulous to pick up"
They hope that you will upgrade to the full version, which offers more features. AVG has been around for a long time, and works pretty well.

As for a hardware firewall, you could convert an old PC to a really great firewall by using something like m0n0wall (my favorite), smoothwall, ipcop (all free). Or you could get a Linksys router and install the openwrt linux distro, so you get more features.
I count on my Router and AVG antivirus like most people here it looks like.

AVG has been flawless, and on top of that it doesn't create its own virus like feel the way Norton and McAfee do. It doesn't take over anything and lets you decide what you want and don't want. Very low on the machine load and very high on reliability.
Zang said:
I REALLY wish I could afford a hardware firewall!
I use an old PC (P2 500MHz, IIRC) running FreeBSD with PF (packet filter) . . .

. . . there are great how-to write up's out there . . . makes it real easy . . .

free if you have the spare box . . . cheap otherwise :blink:


I run Trend-Mirco AV/AnitSpyware on my internal Windows boxes w/ windows firewall turned off . . . I do, however, need to figure out how to create a 'whitelist' for my son . . . he's 9, going on teenager ;) . . .


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I've been using AVG for many years with no problems. Norton is too bloated and causes too many problems in software development environments. And AVG is free for non commercial use. :blink:
Houston, we have a problem.

I downloaded the AVG antivirus and have it in a directory.

I don't seem to be able to uninstall Norton Internet protection. It doesn't appear in the add/ remove programs.

I went to Norton's site and there are extensive pages re: uninstalling many of their products. There is a program of some sort I have to download to uninstall norton internet protection.

Guess what... that page cannot be displayed. I don't see any means of contacting them.

This kinda stuff outghta be illegal. ;)