Anti Virus


At the suggestion of some of you , I have installed and have been using AVG free antivirus for a few months now.

As before, I don't know how much this stuff is really doing or not doing, but at least it's not popping up and bugging me for subscription money. I like that.

It does a lot of updating that doesn't seem to take much time...Norton took a lot of time. I guess if you don't seem to have any viruses and it doesn't cost anything, it must be a good thing,

Thanks to all who recommended it.
I use it and give it to clients everywhere I go. It seems to do the job quite well.

I do, however have ONE installation of Norton, simply because it still does network drive scanning, but as soon as that runs out, I'll probably go with AVG's pro version to do the same thing. I have some network-attached storage that needs scanning from a remote machine. AVG Free won't do that.