Antoher Newbie to the Forum

Hello to All,

I have visited several times in the past (seeing a LOT of names I remember from the Smarthome board) and found a great number of answers to questions I have had...

So I already owe everyone my thanks!

I do have a question or two, perhaps someone can help...

I bought 5 of the ICON relay switches, thinking that I could use them X-10 for now and upgrade (that horrible word that all our wives hate) later to the INSTEON...if it worked out. I decided on the relay switches because almost all my lighting is using the fluorescent (money saving) replacement bulbs.

Now, they work far as assigning an X-10 address and turning them on and off (I do have some issues w/ signals from the Activehome, but that's a fix for later), but I really want them to respond to the "all lights on" X-10 command.

I had tried to find as much technical information as possible for each of the products (even before I bought them) but even the pdf manuals don't cover half the things I "discover" in the forums. Is there a place to go to get all the info I need (for the Smarthome line)?

I'm afraid that the FAQ at Smarthome isn't very much help. I posted the question on the Smarthome site, I did get an answer, but it didn't work for me at all...I was able to find instructions for changing (one particular relay switch model) the "signature" (my term...not theirs?) from an appliance module to a lamp module (just so that it could respond to the all lights on command) but this doesn't seem to apply to the ICON relay (or I'm doing it wrong).

Any suggestions? I tried to look into programming scenes, but I'm not catching on to this concept at all....besides, the ICON doesn't work with X-10 scenes, only INSTEON scenes (they really lost me there...)

I didn't say this before, but I am using two of the 12064 keypadlinc 8's and a ControlLinc Maxi as well as I thought this might ease the programming and operation...

Hopefully I didn't hide my question too deeply in the description...

All My Best

Michael (yes, another one)
My 2476S SwitchLinc V2 Relay also will not respond to an X10 All Lights ON signal. I have not tried much else to get it to work.
Just tested it in the basement where I have a mixture if Icon and V2 relays. 2 V2 relays worked with All Lights On but the rest didn't. None of the Icons reponded. On the other hand, all of the V2s AND all of the Icons responded to All Units Off.
BLH and upstatemike...

My Thanks for the replys...

I guess I will have to either live with them as they are, or try to link them as a scene from the keypads...

The idea was that someone coming into the house (from either the front door or garage) could hit the All lights on button on the keypad to turn on everything.

I also want to install a third one at the top of the stairs to control the stairway lighting and also be able to light the place up when something goes bump in the night...

I still would like to find a one stop place for information on the scene programming and the interworkings of the ICON - Insteon - SmartLabs product line. All the different forums are great and there are a lot of very wonderful ppl out there to help, but it is still very difficult to find information at times...

All My Best

You should be able to find anything ICON related on this forum. If you tell me what you would like to see changed here, I will put it on my list for the next version of CT.

Thanks for the reply...

I really appreciate the site very much...I don't think there is anything that needs to be changed, especially on my behalf.

I have found more useful information here on Cocoontech than on any of the other sites that I have found...I understand the hard work that you and others have invested in the is wonderfully done.

Perhaps a bit of guidance to the post(s) that might offer me some information on scenes and especially the differences in Insteon vs X-10 scenes (is it simply the method (frequency) used to broadcast the scenes, or are there differences in programming or execution?).

My background (as for HA) is all X-10. I have the Activehome controller, a couple of the RF remotes (the keypads and the 6 in one) a couple of appliance modules and a bunch of toggle switches that I am in the process of replacing with the keypads a couple of dimmers and a few companion switches to cover the three way and four way switches in the house and the ICONS I mentioned.

I am comfortable around house wiring (as a youngster, I worked in the trades as an electrician, wood butcher and plumber so my wife keeps me around). My last 30 years have been involved in engineering/management in the semiconductor industry, so I'm not too shy around electronics either.

Thanks again for the reply and most especially the site...

All My Best