Any experience with the Intuity platform?


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Hello!  I'm searching for any real world experience with the Legrand OnQ Intuity platform.
I recently sold my home that I spent the better part of a decade kitting out with Insteon switches, Russound, Elk iM1, and a revolving headend of Homeseer, Mainlobby, and ISY.  While it all worked I never quite got it all integrated the way I wanted.  One system of the other was flaky, unstable or or the interface was unpolished just enough to not qualify for full WAF.
Flashforward to today and we've bought a new (to us) home that is 20 years old and was outfitted with an ancient Ademco alarm (Yes! Wired contacts everything Nutone produced in 1995 (Boooo Intercom has 4 wires only).
I am starting to layout the infrastructure refit and I stumbled on the Legrand Intuity platform that looks pretty good and integrates several Legrand product lines at a pretty amazing price point:
Intercom - Selective Call system  -  Supports 3 point to point conversations and broadcast with video at the door with an IP encoder fghor email of photos and video streaming
Lighting - Z-wave interface for simple rules and events
Audio - Integrates with the Lyriq system or the newer Digital Audio system.  The latter one looks to be a rebrand of a Nuvo product line and has amplifiers in the keypad at either 15w or 65w per channel.  It also has a streamer to support Pandora, XM and also local audio in (analog only)
Security -  Integrates with several keypad lockets and Concord or Ademco panels (wish it did Elk)
All in all the system looks like a great fairly turnkey uplift to the infrastructure with no development time to get things running.  I cannot seem to find any other system out there that has a decent intercom, which was the whole origin of this quest.
There aren't any review out there to see if the marketing literature holds up to reality.  Does ANYONE have any practical experience with this platform?
Sorry, no experience.

We ripped out the old Nutone intercom, never worked.

I wish there was a good solution too. Constant yelling to kids in their bedrooms. Soon, though, they will have phones.