Any HA Deadbolt Solutions?

TX Tim

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I've searched the archives and the best I could find was a suggestion to hack an RF wireless deadbolt. That's okay, but it still falls short of a comprehensive solution without making it look really ugly.

What I'd like is similar to products offered for commercial doors, but those are typically installed in a metal frame. Here is an example.

I'm looking for something that replaces a standard residential deadbolt and provides the following features:
  • Inputs to lock/unlock (12V or 120V)
  • Passive hold in position (power only required to lock or unlock)
  • NC or NO contacts to monitor deadbolt position. Must react to manual operation.
  • Inside lever for manual operation
  • High-quality cylinder with outside key (no key would be fine, too)
  • Residential deadbolt form factor. Must fit in the existing deadbolt hole in a wooden door with wooden frame. A larger box inside, like the RF unit above, would be fine.
Obviously this would be wired and I can deal with that. Wired is also preferable from a security perspective. I ordered one of these, but am having second thoughts about the aesthetics of one or two servos on each door. ;)

Thanks in advance for any ideas or pointers.
Check out the Powerbolt 1000.

I've read that there are contacts that you can connect wires to for Lock and Unlock functions. Last time i checked, these were about $100. I have the older, membrane-keypad version, but the new one is much nicer with elastomeric keys.
Thanks, Tony. That looks like a good base for modification. They have a version with lock and unlock buttons on the inside, in addition to the lever, which would make for easy tapping in. Then it would need a position sensor for feedback to the M1...
I posted some information on CocoonTech a while ago. Even the version without the lock/unlock buttons on the case has the same board on the inside. I took mine apart and found terminals where the buttons would press. If you short across those terminals, the lock opens/closes.