any ideas ?


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I have a question for the alarm gurus on the board.

Last weekend we had some (attempted - I scared them away by turning on the porch lights) vandalism on the wife's car when it was parked in the driveway about 1 am.

Teenagers were trying to remove the antenna. Had they broken into the car my motion sensor would have gone off and alerted me but they didn't try that - they were just trying to unscrew the antenna.

Other than a regular car alarm system are there other solutions that people use ?

I can back the car into a corner between two retaining walls so the antenna is in the corner.

I was thinking that I could string black fishing line about 2 feet high so and maybe have a "pull the pin" type contact for a DS10a.

My idea was they would trip the alarm by running into the fishing line and set off a bunch of lights and stuff ? (and up here we can't hook the line to a shotgun trigger !)

Any suggestions ?
Park the car in the garage, outdoor motion detector, outdoor motion detector lights, car cover, car alarm that includes a proximity sensor.
Why are they so interested in just the antenna? Turn your car into KITT (from Knight Rider).
I've installed a photo electric beam across the front yard (about 75ft) and if the beam is broken, its announced through the house and the automation turns the outside lights on. I've found this to be reasonably effective. It improved markedly when I installed some dome cameras outside....

I dont live in a high crime area, I jsu like to make sure people know what they are getting into before they think about it ;-)

Try a motion detector and an outside speaker.

On Motion after you have gone to bed.. say:

"Smile... you're on candid camera".

I think that would work for most pranksters even without an actual camera.

Just a thought.

i had my antenna stolen by a punk ass in a toyota celica. unfortunately, my car's antenna is in high demand by owners of celicas, 350zs, jettas, golfs, mazda 6s and other less stylish cars with even more unstylish antennae :ph34r: i keep it garaged but when i'm out (depending on where) i will unscrew it & put it away.