Any Interest In Getting CocoonTech Shirts?


Greetings Forum Members;

I have received interest from our membership for obtaining shirts. I have ordered some in the past and have been very happy with the quality. Problem is you have to order a minimum of four shirts, which is more than one individual would probably want.

(Click on Picture for Full Sized Image)

(Click on Picture for Full Sized Image)

I'm soliciting interest to generate some methodology of trying to obtain shirts for our interested members.

Colors are probably just going to be solid black or solid white but let's see how this interest goes (may not want to many options to complicate matters) and the material and sizing is described below.


All measurements are in inches.

Material Description:

- Fabric Style: Two-Ply Pima Jersey
- Fabric Content: 100% Pima Cotton
- Fabric Weight: 6.1 ounces per square yard
Solid, substantial and soft. Jersey is a very "flat" stitch and gives maximum contact between the fiber and the skin. When that fiber is ringspun, combed 100% Pima cotton, you experience a whole new level of comfort. Pima is the softest, silkiest and strongest cotton on the planet! Features include a ribbed knit collar, taped neck, and classic two-button placket.

Cost is not known at this time but will probably be between $20-$25. Shipping will be in the continental 48 states only. If you are interested please reply with your color and size and I'll see what can be done about getting an order in, maybe even generate a special PayPal account as an option. I'm just seeing how much interest this generates for now! :huh:


CocoonTech Moderator
These come with logo badges that you press and then speak to tell the computer to turn lights on etc like on Star Trek Next Generation???? :huh:

You can put me down for a medium black.
Your pics went south. :huh:

However, knowing the high quality of CT, I'll go for one black XL, sight unseen.
I would be up for a 2XL in Australia but have a good mate in CA and coming out here in July.

Hey gotta fly the flag internationally!