Any MD cocooners here?


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What kind of license do I need to conduct HA business in the state of Maryland, Montgomery county?

I am a programmer / sys admin and very proficient in networking. HA looks to me like the next logical step after home networking -- esp. I like computer-based HA systems. I am wondering about doing HA commercially. Is low-voltage certificate enough to get started?
Depending on how deep you get into the line of work you will atleast need a limited low voltage electrical license or if you are in real deep you will need a master electrical license. That is if you plan to do the actual work yourself. You could always contract out the electrical part but that take away a lot of profits from you. I know there is atleast one other guy besides myself in MD looking to get started in the business. Shoot me an e-mail via the forums and we can chat in private a little.
Montgomery County MD, AKA regulation city. Make sure you get your "I"s dotted and your "T"s crossed. I used to live there, and I know one of the chief investigators in consumer affairs. He LOVES zapping unlicensed contractors.