Any of you guys use the Rain8 II or


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Any of you guys use the Rain8 II or If so what software do you use to control the devices.
i got a rain8net controlled natively via CQC.

I use both the event scheduler within CQC to have it go off every night, and manually via the attached screen.


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rain8Net via MainLobby MLIrrigation plugin w/ Rain8Net driver. Controls my sprinklers, pond water features and waterfalls.
rain8net with my own software running on a unix system. I'm really really happy with it! Them actually - I have three of them all daisy chained off one serial port. No pretty graphics displays, but it does exactly what I wanted - nothing more, nothing less.

Two are used for irrigigation (one front yard, one back), and one is used for water control on my outside fish ponds. Very convenient! They use cat5 to extend zones. I think it uses RS485 between the modules over cat5 cable. It transports power over the cable too, so you probably don't want too big a run.

I also have an ADR2205 for other things around the house. I had that leftover from a halloween project and it picked up other uses over time.
I've ordered a Rain8 Wifi on Sunday but haven't received a confirmation or seen money deducted from my account. I'll have to check with WGL to see if my order went through or not.

hrm...and now I don't see it listed on their product page. Now I'm really confused.
The WiFi Rain8 is sold through Tmanufacturing. WGL helped put together this product and has links for it on our web page. I use it with the McsSprinklers software.
Ah, that would explain why the link took my to the Trammel page.

Just received an order confirmation a bit ago for the Rain8 Wifi and it should ship today.

I'll (hopefully) be using it with CQC. I'm a glutton for punishment and enjoy purchasing hardware that may or may not work with current CQC drivers. :(

Actually Jart, maybe you can answer a question for me. Does the Rain8 Wifi use a virtual serial driver to talk to the host PC or does it have a completely different comm. protocol than the Rain8s that use a hardwired serial connection?
It does use a virtual comm port driver. And should work with any software that is written for the standared Rain8net. I have used both software packages that we sell and it is hard for me to remember that I am using the wireless network.
This was one I was goign to look at later, but given this thread: I setup the wiring to connect my irrigation system to the elk. I will be using CQC. Is there a benefit for using this as the interface versus going through the elk?