Any of you guys using IE 7.0?

I've been running it on several computers and haven't had a single problem to report so it appears to be very stable.
1 little quirk that i've found is when you first click the favorite button, it does not bring up the fav menu, you need to click a few times. After that it works fine.
Whenever we want it or not we will use IE7 sooner or later (even when going to the ATM). I hope that IE7 copied enough features from Opera/Firefox so that I don't feel as restricted and unprotected as I feel with IE6.

I remember reading articles about microsoft excluding the possibility of adding popup blockers in IE (5.5 I believe) - they wanted to please the ad industry. I was very secure at that time when Firefox was still vaporware, by using Opera.

BTW, the thumbnails are cool. I tried them in Opera 9.0 Beta. However I still use Opera 8.5 as my main browser - Opera 9 was not stable enough the last time I tried it.
I was using it and loved it. However if you have ELK ehternet module and want to use the java gives an unexpected error. Tried it on 3 pcs and all were the same to went back to ie6 and all pcs work fine.

Went to the beta thread and there are a lot of folks with java and ie issues. that is how i learnt that was the cause of the issue.

Other than that loved it and it worked well with hs.

I just tried it and I hate it. I can't put the menu bar above the address bar and even though I unlocked the positioning of the tool bars I can't seem to move any of them. Also, the look hurts my eyes. I like the classic look and that does not seem to be an option. I wrote feedback so we will see what happens.