Any success with Insteon dimmer and a ceiling fan


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Has anyone had any success using an insteon dimmer switch with a ceiling fan?

The insteon documentation indicates that SOME ceiling fans may not be compatible.

To reduce the risk of overheating and possible damage to other equipment, use SwitchLinc Dimmer to control 110Vincandescent lamps only. Dimming an inductive load, such as a fan or transformer,could cause damage to the dimmer,the load device, or both. If the manufacturer of the load device does not recommend dimming, use a non-dimming INSTEON switch such as SwitchLinc V2 Relay. USER ASSUMES ALL RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH DIMMING ANINDUCTIVE LOAD.

I saw that a 3-Speed Fan Control Switch was in the works (and probably a year out) and am wondering if I need to wait.

So what do you suggest we use with bathroom exhaust fans and ceiling fans. I need to control at least the bathroom exhaust fans as my kids leave them on all the time.

I personal leave them at full on. The only reason I have dimmers on the fans is because there is no INSTEON KeypadLinc Relay.
An On/OFF switch will work fine. I actually use dimmers though on the bathroom exhast fans. The motors there aren't as picky about start-up power and if they do burn up, they aren't very expensive.

I have them go all the way on but I like them to ramp up - sounds better to me.
noshali said:
Ok. I am using the ICON on and off switch as I did not want to dim the exhaust fans.

I have been using an ICON on/off switch for the last week or so, linked to a timer event within HomeSeer. It works great to shut the fan off after x minutes.