Any word on the availability of Vizia RF products?


The last I read, several people were able to obtain them from distributors in early to mid August. I would have guessed that they would have been available for retail purchase by now, but I haven't seen anything yet.

I'm most interested in the switches, but I guess the lamp and appliance modules are getting released first.

Any updates?

Same question goes for the Cooper stuff, but I think I'm more interested in the Leviton.

AutomatedOutlet said:
I think the full products that include switches are expected around November.
Which takes it to almost a year since I was told January 2006...

If you don't care how the switch is labeled, the private label switches from Monster are available here and there. is one site. has them listed as part numbers

8500D - Lamp Dimmer
8500S - On/Off Switch
8500SD - Wall Dimmer Switch

You could also call Worthington Distribution. The catalog they were distributing at EHX East had both Leviton and Intermatic part numbers listed.