Anyone building their own CCTV DVR's?


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Just wondering if anyone's "rolling their own" via capture cards, software and a PC. I wouldn't play with a client's setup (yet) but may consider building my own for home. I typically install fairly robust GE/Kalatel systems with offsite (re:Wavereader software) access. I don't know if this is a pipe dream or not but, I would ideally want to digitally record door cam, garage cam, nursery cam, etc. (possibly with motion record trigger) via analog cameras and be able to stream to IP (for my C8) without adding an additional webserver. Am I correct that I could set the PC up with a static IP address and possibly tie in the C8 that way? I'm none too clever, so please dumb down ( a bit) any advanced IP config's.

Any advice?
I have built a geovision unit and it worked well. I replaced it when I came across an Integral DVX for nothing...Bad Hard Drive.

If you use the Geovision stuff make sure to check their approved hardware lists 1st. They Like intel chipsets and decent video cards.

Good Luck.

I have two such devices, one for TV and one for security Cameras. My TV PVR is running 3 Hauppauge tuners and Sage TV Software ( This is hooked to my main TV and is remote controlled through the Hauppauge IR hook up. I have about 1TB of storage and have a nightly sync of that 1TB of storage to a second PC (which is actually my Security Camera/Homeseer server). Sage is awesome software, relatively inexpensive, tons of extensions and plug ins, pretty easy to customize and has a great forum for support.

For my Security Camera/Homeseer server, I have both a camera digitizer card (has 4 bnc inputs) - WCSA400 ( and use Active Web Cam ( software for recording, streaming and alerting security camera things such as motion. I have streaming enabled so I can access it through my IP address/cable modem, I have it recording video clips of motion for later reference, having it take jpg snapshots and posting them to my ISP web site and having it sending me emails with snapshots when it detects motion. The Active Web Cam software also works with USB and TCP/IP cameras or any other standard video input that complies with Windows standards. I have found this software very reliable, customizable and has grown with my needs over the years.

And of course I also run Homeseer ( for all my home automation needs and ties into my HAI security panel.

Good luck.