Anyone ever use asiHome?


Came across Some really good prices on ELK stuff. Has anyone got any comments, good, bad or indifferent about these guys?
Can't answer specifically about them but all Elk dealers should be posting retail prices. They are using the add it to cart trick to give lower prices. I can tell you that Martin at Automated Outlet will match any reasonable price, he hangs out here to help and provides first rate service and is the first choice of many here.
Heard lots of good things here about Martin at AO. Martin, you able to match the prices on for one of each of the following: M1KP ($107), M1RB ($45) and M1XOVR ($67)???

We'll match any price. Just place your order and post a link to the price matching in the note field of your order. We'll adjust it from there.



Those are great prices! I have never purchased from Martin but I see and hear that he is great to deal with. I would buy from him since he is matching the prices. Next time I need an ELK product I will try Martin myself (I had bad luck with the last company I used but I will be nice and not say who that was since they lost the online order and then charged me for faster shipment when I complained after waiting over a week and a half yet it was their fault). I used them since they were local not realizing they didnt even stock the items.


What will the pricing be on the KP2's when they come out in a month or two?
ASIHome is owned by Worthington Distribution and is a reputable dealer. For reasons unknown, they've never really capitalized on the relationship.

But, as has been mentioned above, Martin is the king of customer satisfaction.
I've been using asiHome for almost 2 years now. Customer service is very good. I have never used Automated Outlet, but I expect to try maybe soon.