Anyone ever use Webex?

Guy Lavoie

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I'm wondering if anyone here has ever used the Webex PC access service? Find out more here:

The idea behind this app is that you can access your PC desktop from any PC on the web. This is like using PC-Anywhere...but without installing any special software on the PC you are using to access it. All you need is Internet Explorer. It also appears that it uses port 80, since they say that no special firewall setup is needed.

I came across this when placing a service call for a Windows application. The company had me go to a special web page at Webex that would have me authorize them to access the desktop. I also had to enter a unique session ID, so that a new authorization would need to be given every time they wanted to access it. The software company had to subscribe to Webex's web access service to do this. The above link will likely install an application on your home PC to provide access without manual intervention at home, although Webex will still do the authentication when you establish a session. I also imagine that they will need to track your IP address too, sent to them by the PC.

As the link above indicates, they have a free "personal use" service available. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone having used them or a similar service.
Sounds like GoToMyPC (created by, which does work pretty well, but looks like they have a free version in this case, will have to check it out.
Just downloaded it. Very nice I was looking for a remote program to install on my Grandparents 2 computers. I usually use vnc but its hard to walk people through port forwarding and such. This was so easy I walked them through installing it. As long as its free I'll keep using it.

Thanks Guy

Looks like there are some ads in the free version. I'm interested to see how these are handled.

I found THIS. So does this mean we will get ads after April 4th?

Remote access to your PC is FREE with MyWebEx PC.

From now through April 4, 2005 , you'll enjoy the benefits of MyWebEx PC Pro (up to 5 PC's per user) for FREE. Then, you'll be given the option to stay on the Pro version for as low as $7.45 per month for each PC, or you can continue with our Free version. To see a features comparison, click here.
I've been using WebEx for a few weeks now to access my home PC from work. My only complaint is the slow screen update rate.

I also use TightVNC for accessing PCs connected to a LAN. TightVNC is free and has much faster screen refreshes. The downside is you must know the IP address of the remote PC you are trying to connect to. The IP address of my home PC is dynamicaly allocated by my service provider, so I'd have to record the IP address ( before leaving home each day. But for PC's on a LAN, TightVNC works great since the IP addresses are often static.

But with WebEx, I connect to my home server. Then I open a browser on the server and surf to to obtain the servers IP address. Once I know the IP, I connect to the Slimserver running on the home server and stream mp3 music to Winamp running on my office PC. No more transporting CDs to work!

Slimserver is free at

i came across this post looking for opinions on mywebexpc. i cant decide btw this program and another free product, logmein.

anyone here have a preference??
That LogMeIn service looks pretty interesting as well, I will have to give both a try myself.

Btw, welcome to CocoonTech!
I have used logmein and it works "fairly" well. The screens when viewed from my notebook look "fuzzy" to me though.

I really like Orb, on the media center pc. Excellent video and audio streaming, both to the notebook and the pocket pc.
I've used it a lot - back when I used to sell software for a living. Most of the companies I worked for realied heavily on it.

Works really well and pretty easy to manage. Not cheap for corporate use but still a lot cheaper than plane tickets.
I've been using UltraVNC and the screen updates are faster than any other flavor of VNC that I've seen. As far as a dynamic IP address, I have a domain name registered with ($30 per year) they give you a program that updates you IP address as it changes. It runs as a service on Win2000 an XP. So all I have to do is point UlreaVNC to my domain and I get connected. I also run an email server and a web server with and never had a problem.

If I am not mistaken, you don't need to open your firewall for this, which is a big issue if you use a regular out of the box router such as a Linksys, since you can't lock down who can connect to your ports.
electron said:
If I am not mistaken, you don't need to open your firewall for this, which is a big issue if you use a regular out of the box router such as a Linksys, since you can't lock down who can connect to your ports.
E, so many posts here, exactly what software are you saying you don't have to open your ports in order to use? This would be a BIG selling point for me!
I would assume that you wouldn't have to with any of these web based services. I know Orb doesn't require it, and it lets you stream video and everything. I used to work Expert City, which came up with the GoToMyPc technology, which doesn't require a firewall reconfiguration either.,, and do not require you to mess with your firewall settings, open ports, etc.

I have used for several years for business purposes.
It is basically used as a Power Point type presentation, that your customers can view while talking with you on the phone in real time. It has been sucsessful in booking several good orders for our company. You can show video, pictures, power point, etc . . . they basically see whatever is on your desktop.

It sounds like they are trying to compete with, which has been around for many years and is a great service. Offer free service at first (like . . . then watch out!