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Anyone have a Sony Clie PEG-NX70V?


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The other night, I came across my old Sony Clie PEG-NX70V, a Palm OS device with a plug-in ethernet adapter. This could work great with my wireless network and Misterhouse as an impromptu touch-pad remote control (for now, anyways)... however, if you've ever had a Clie, you know that there is a special Palm Desktop for Clie that comes on the installation CD, and I can't find mine, and you can't use the standard Palm Desktop download from palm.com. Does anyone out there have the same (or similar NX series) model of Clie, and can they send me the installation disc (or copy thereof) so that I can install the correct Palm Desktop and drivers?

Much obliged


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My CLIE (prior model to NV, but dont remember the number) came with a special version of Palm Desktop, but it always worked with the regular version too. Just a few extras from Sony didnt work.


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I've seen several people say the regular Palm Desktop will work with Clie's, but you have to have Clie USB drivers which are apparently different from other Palm devices, and those are only available - you guessed it - on the CD... not even available for download from Sony.


I know what you mean. We have several PEG N760C and you need the stupid install disk as the drivers are NOT available via download from their site.

Brilliant, simply brilliant! :)