Anyone have details on the ELKM1XRFG2


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Someone in the elk dealer forums mentioned that Elk is going to release a new wireless receiver of their own instead of the caddx...

I didn't make the convention - anyone have details? Was about to go out and buy the GE card until i read this...

Rumour has it the receiver will be available within a week or so and it will have 144 zones and will go on the 4 wire bus. You will be able to have multiple receivers for larger installs etc.

There is a thread or two on here.
Everything Digger said is correct, except the time frame which I don't know.

It's very handy that it goes on the bus so you can locate it pretty much anywhere.
ELK M1XRF Wireless Receiver Release Update:
I just found out that there needs to be a minor software tweak to support the Secure Wireless Brand of the GE/Caddx/ITI Compatible Transmitters. This will delay release and shipments for a few days.

The field testing has been very good. Range is outstanding. Thanks to all the Beta Testers.

Note: The M1XRF Receiver is a more sensitive, narrower band receiver than some of the other competitive receivers. Therefore the receiver needs the crystal based transmitters to make sure the transmit frequency is within the receivers bandpass.
politics123 said:
So, I see a product announcement on the ELk home page. Anyone have these available for purchase?
I have an email in to my supplier but since it's the weekend I won't know availability until Monday.