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Anyone have experience with Amcrest IP8M-T2499EW 8mp IP camera?


I've been using Hikvision DS-2CD2385G1-I 2 8mp IP cameras and am pretty satisfied with them but would like to find something a little less expensive. I found this Amcrest camera for about $50 less per camera. The specs seem similar. Additionally the Amcrest has a built-in mic.
Does anyone have experience with the Amcrest camera?


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I don't have that Amcrest camera you refer to, but I do have a variety of other Amcrest cameras. I think for the price, they are a good buy. I don't pay for any recording service, but you can add a microSD card for keeping recordings. If you have several cameras, you can go with their DVR, which is a pretty cheap solution, just add a hard drive. The Amcrest weakness is probably software. They have two classes of cameras, one called "smart home" and these cameras are less compatible with their non-smart home cameras and apps. One good part is you can get to your cameras remotely outside your home WITHOUT forwarding any ports, which is a big plus, as forwarding is a big security risk. Also feature-wise, they have LOTS and LOTS of features, which is amazing for rather cheap cameras. Overall, I'm happy with them.


Ano, thanks for your response.
I have two rather large CCTV installations, one with 16 cameras and another with 27. I use Geovision DVR software. Most of my cameras are Hikvision, 2K and 4K and generally I am happy with them, I was just searching for a less expensive 4K camera. The Hikvision 4K camera is $160 which is not bad but the Amcrest 4K camera is $110. The Amcrest camera also has a built-in mic which I like for certain locations.
I think I'll order a couple of the Amcrest units and give them a try.


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I have been looking for an HD POE camera with microphone and thought the Amcrest IP8m-T2499 would be perfect. Unfortunately it has a seriously distorted, fish eye like image, and I cannot find any way to fix that. It happened to have 2.8mm lens, but I am not sure if a 4mm would have a better image. I am returning the camera, and back to square one.
Can anyone recommend an outdoor HD camera with microphone that does not have a curved image?


I did purchase 2 of the Amcrest IP8m-T2499 cameras and have both of them installed in indoor installations. Both are 2.8mm lenses. Overall I am happy with them so far. They do exhibit some edge distortion but not any more that any of my Hikvision 2.8mm cameras. The image center frame is not distorted but along all four edges there is some minor barrel distortion. I'm going to use these cameras for awhile before I commit to purchasing any more of them.