Anyone have extra Z-wave?


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I was going to order a z-wave relay wall module and a z-wave light switch just to tear it apart and try to hack it. I want to learn how they work inside and out. My main goal was going to be if i could get it to run off of battery power instead of 110Vac.

If i can do this then my next hack would be to see if i can turn it into a timer by adding some sort of timer circuit to it. If i could do this then i could add it to my keyless touchpad and use the z-wave remote to lock and unlock my front door.

If anyone has an extra z-wave laying around could you take pictures of its insides and maybe document the circuit. I am wondering if it converts the AC to DC and if it does how much dc does it convert it to.

If anyone knows where i can find documentation letting me know if this is possible please provide it so that i dont waste $40 on a module i dont really need except if i were going to hack it.
I'd be happy to open one up for you and take some pictures, but, I'm not really sure that would help you much.

Please let me know.