Anyone have HDHomeRun with MCE?


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I was hoping to hear from someone that actually has a HDHomeRun and maybe uses it under MCE. What your views are....

I have a Vbox 150 right now for OTA HD but would like something better and maybe try getting QAM from my Comcast cable.


Using HDHomerun with BeyondTV and MainLobby, but not MCE.

Works great! I can see the blend of the OTA HD and the DirecTV Sat listings in TVLobby and use MainLobby to orchestrate the switching of hardware / software so the end user doesn't need to know "where's my TV channel?"

I think HDHomeRun folks created a list of what QAM Cable channels you would expect to receive. Fairly new, so you might not have tripped on that yet.
lurk on the sagetv forums, you'll find gazillions of posts on the subject.