Anyone interested in creating my HS web page?


I don't know much about scripting and would like to have a different display other than the default.

I like the Ultra stuff with the floor plan but after looking at the scripting required I just don't have the desire to try to learn scripting.

Looking for someone interested in doing it for me. Willing to pay a reasonable rate since the basic stuff is there and just needs putting it together the way I would like it to look.


[email protected]

have you looked at the touchscreen plugin? It doesn't require a touchscreen, and is relatively easy to configure. What are some of the requirements?

I personally wrote portal software in php (used with apache) to create an entire new interface, I am planning on converting it soon to make it much more user friendly (templates are hardcoded right now),I just have to finish some of my other projects first (I am a busy guy), so if you are willing to wait, you can be one of my beta testers.

Of course, if you are willing to hire me for 8 hours a day for as long as I am needed, I am willing to take time off from work :)

I'm still new to HS (was using HouseBot) and know I'm only using about 10% of its capability.

I just got a new box (2.4Ghz and 512MB) that I'm dedicating 100% to HA.

Have a 4 port KVM on the way, should be here Thursday, then new cabinetry to house 4 networked boxes in "my office", (wife hinted to clean up a little)

I'll be interested in Beta testing anything, anytime, whenever you're ready to release for testing, just shoot me a message.

Maybe between Don and I, (and whoever else) we could give it a good workout! I'll even have the wife accessing it on her computer from her office upstairs! If anyone can screw it up or break it, she could!! (Thank goodness she doesn't access this forum!)

Just let me know

(Just edited post - I had 2.4 Mhz instead of 2.4 Ghz - kinda stepping way down!)
I might be interested in BETA testing. Won't know until next weekend to know if I will be free to do it. Might have a year job in DC.

If I don't get it, I would be interested in testing some stuff if it works into what I already have set up.