Anyone interested in Insteon items?


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5/27/2007 UPDATED with prices.

I'm going to be selling some of my Insteon devices that I don't need and I thought I'd give first dibs to you guys if anyone is interested.

I don't know what the going rate is, so I'll start with 1/2 normal price for previously installed items, and 3/4 price for non-installed items.

$45 - 1 timerlinc (new, never installed)
$17 - 1 appliancelinc
$17 - 1 controllinc
$35 - 1 serial powerlinc

SOLD - 3 switchlinc dimmers v3.1 (previously installed)
SOLD - 3 switchlinc dimmers v3.1 (never installed)
SOLD - 1 keypadlinc v1.3
SOLD - 2 signallincs
SOLD - 1 usb powerlinc
SOLD - 2 lamplincs

Buyer pays shipping. I will accept paypal or check and I will ship after receiving payment.

Let me know if anyone is interested. If not I'll put them up on a popular auction site.