Anyone know about the ELK-MM447 Magic Module?


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This ELK-MM447 has the MM443 Magic Module, MV480 voice annunciator and the ML8 Caddx Security Interface all built into a single module that fits into a Caddx Xpand-A-Can.

Has anyone else had experience with this product? Any feedback positive or negative? Other suggestions in place of this product?

A full blown Elk M1 is not in the picture due to cost, but I would like a Home Automation addition that could potentially work well without much additional cost (~250 or less for HA controller). I already have a GE Caddx NetworX NX8 V2 setup.

While I know that this product is X-10, I'm also wondering if anyone know's ELK's longer term intentions with this particular product. Is it possible that they may add Insteon capabilities down the road? I know I can use Insteon in X-10 compatibility mode, but would like possible native mode so that the network can be made more reliable as more switches are added.

I'm not sure what you are really after if you don't want to integrate an Elk M1 as that product works with an Elk.

It sounds like you may currently already have an X-10 system installed along with a Caddx NX8 security system.

If this is the case and your are worried about cost AND would like some automation capabillities to go along with the X-10 and Caddx hardware AND maybe already have a second PC, you might want to consider HomeSeer.

HomeSeer costs $185 and has two free plugins for the Caddx Security system.

Of course you would need a CM11a for the X-10 interface to the HomeSeer computer ($30).

So your total outlay would be $210, plus the use of a dedicated PC that you might already have. Note that I don't consider this the "optimal" way to go, but this would give you some extensive home automation capabilities including voice announcements (notify if doors open or close, alarm system armed, etc...). Note that you would need a distribution method for the voice announcment system in your home, but you would need this no matter what system you went with.

If, in the future you decide to go with an Elk, it can easily be interfaced with the HomeSeer computer with two free plugins as well.

Like I said before, I'm not sure of your overall goals, but it sounds like cost is a big factor, so I'm just trying to give some alternatives just to get you going. :) Also, I believe that HomeSeer still has a free trial, so you can test drive it along with the Caddx plugins before you purchase it. You just need to get a serial interface from your Caddx system to the HomeSeer computer. You may need to purchase a Serial Interface for the NX8e board if you already do not have one. If you don't have an NX8e board, this does get a little complicated as you would need a Caddx expansion card that does have serial capability (forgot the part number).

EDIT: My mistake on that magic module, looks like it was meant to work without an Elk M1.
The Magic Module pre-dates the M1 control. I haven't heard about anything new for the MM in quite a while, so I would be real surprised if they added Insteon or UPB or Z-wave support to it.
The Magicmodule is the worlds best kept secret as far as a low cost basic programmable automation control. I have a MM443 controlling a Horse Feeder that calls the horses with my wifes voice and then it drops the feed into two separate feeding bins.

There are two versions: the MM443 with 4 inputs and 4 outputs and the MM220 with two inputs and outputs. For the right application you can not beat the price and performance of the Magicmodule family.

If you are automating your home I would highly recommend the advanced features of the M1 or EZ8. Everything is integrated together and will communicate with many other technologies like lighting, thermostats, and PC's.

The Magicmodule family development is complete while the M1 family is expanding.
Thanks to all the feedback!

I appreciate your suggestions. Looks like it may be best for me to wait a while yet and then go HA later. As it currently stands, I have an existing NX-8 V2 Security alarm setup and replacing that currently is not high on the WAF.

What I was looking to accomplish was two fold, voice annunciation to go with the current system (met with the MM447 with it's built in 250 word vocabulary that can be recorded over if desired by builtin in mic or wav files from PC) and the ability to trigger lights to come on based on motion sensor feedback.

We have some hallway lights that would be great to come on when someone is present and turn off after they leave. I know that I could go X10, but since I haven't purchased any switches, I've been interested in the newer Insteon switches. Perhaps I'd just control them using the X10 backwards compatibility mode.

I think you are right though, and istead of moving forward with an MM447, I'll just have to wait for the WAF to approve an Elk M1. Can Voice annunciation be added to the M1EZ8?

Homeseer may be another approach, but again the WAF is that the computer could crash when she's trying to perform some HA function. This is where I'd look into programming a controller from a PC and perhaps even have auxillary control and touchscreen feedback in the future, but lighting and other functions would need to be a solid hardware solution.
One other factor on the Caddx NX control and the Magicmodule: you need the Caddx NX8 not the NX8e. Most all the new controls sold are NX8e.

Merry Christmas or happy holidays!

I'd really like to thank you for your responses. As soon as I looked at your sig, I knew that you understood Elk very clearly :(

Seeing as the M1EZ8 has the ability to support up to 200 zones, I see that it has more security expansion available than my existing Caddx solution.

Of course the Voice capabilites of the full blown M1 Gold are enticing as well. Does Elk have a method of adding the voice capabilities at a later date? Or is this where one has to make the decision right of the start and go the full M1 Gold?

Thanks again!

And if I don't hear back from you before the end of the year, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.