Anyone Seen/Have Harmony 880?

I really really really like that remote as well. I reviewed one of the older models for CocoonTech a little over a year ago, and while it had a few issues, it was definitely very impressive (and wished I didn't have to give it away :lol:) Looks like they resolved most of those issues in this remote, and it looks stunning.
That's why I said ...and automated it. :lol: I haven't used a remote in my TV room in months. I tap the touchscreen or more often use my laptop that stays nearby.
It's all about WAF :lol: I personally am happy, but my wife doesn't even like the 8in1 radioshack remote I have, which can be programmed using JP1, and it still isn't enough ;) She liked the Harmony I reviewed very much, the buttons feel great, great size, and the new one looks fantastic.
There are a few reviews floating around, but I havent really read em, as I'm not considering buying one of these.

One thing to note, is that it is NOT a touchscreen. There are buttons on the sides of the LCD that you have to push.

It is pretty cool looking, and I especially like the background lights ((I think I read that they come on when motion is detected, but dont quote that))

I have this one as well. I had a pronto before, but while the screen is cool, using it for buttons (touchscreen) is not the right way to go after using it. This has the right blend of customization and hard buttons and is comfortable.

Most of all: The wife loves it! She was complaining about the setup but absolutely loves this one. I bought it one night and it was done the next day. One note: You have to call them if you are using Tivo device ID's for multiple tivo's (they don't offer it on the website but will put the codes in for you).

I thought it was pricy was looking to see if the price would come down, told my wife and she just said 'buy it, I am sick of these remotes!'.

Highly recommended if you are willing to spend what is alot even for a cool remote.