Anyone tried lagotek?


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I'm looking for any thoughts on lagotek's products. I can't find out detail experience and information. Anyone tried or used lagotek's systems? Some people say "looks awful". ;) And, I think replacing dimmer concept is cool. But, It is too low. How about?
There is a pretty long thread about lagotech on I only know of one or two people in that thread who have actually installed their equipment. It sounds like a decent platform.
I haven't used their system personally but I got a demo at their offices and saw some of the stuff they were working on. I was impressed with the technology but don't think their distribution model supports DIY if that's what you're looking for.
No it's setup to use all there own platforms. I was looking at becoming a dealer/installer but after reading the contract I wasn't interested in.

Too many smaller players go out of business for me to get into something like this.