Anyone use Q-See systems?


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Looking to get any opinions on Q-See DVR and camera systems. I've never heard of them, but that doesn't mean a whole bunch I guess. Specifically interested in the 9 channel DVR and some of the outdoor and indoor cameras. Just looking for any impressions of the equipment from folks that seen or used them.

I have not used Q-See's DVRs, but I have used some of their cameras and I am really just commenting on the company.

Q-See is almost identical to Swann products in offerings, price, quality and availability. Major chains like MicroCenter carry both product lines since they are on the cheap/consumer side.

I think Q-See and Swann both have a bad business practice of publishing the good stats on their products and leaving out anything bad and have no standards in what information they provide, so be careful and determine the stats you want to know, and don't base descisions on just what they tell you.

For example, every camera give the mA that the camera requires, except the ones that use over 500mA, most camera power boxes only do 500mA, so hmmm, it is missing on those... Anyways, not to babel, just look for what's missing over whats included... Besides that, I have many cameras from the Swann and q-See lines, some of them I love and some I am trying to get rid of and some I realized I am REALLY glad I did not buy after doing said research...

Thanks Collin and Vaughn. I expected something like that :p

Someone wants me to set up a mid size montioring station, and I'm sure they saw this on some internet site or something. I'm going to try to steer them to something alittle higher quality.