Anyone using iPronto?


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I am thinking about the iPronto as a control unit replacing my Pronto TSU3000 since it has an Internet browser. Would that not mean that I could control Homeseer and my Elk M1 (using the XEP interface) from the iPronto? Are there any other such units (I found the RC9800i at less cost but am not sure if it supports a browser)? My wife is used to using the TSU3000. I would love to have an Internet browser incorporated into a TSU3000 like device.
The M1XEP's web page is a Java Applet. Many of the handheld devices will not run Java Applets. Check to make sure.
I just got anothert idea. Anyone using a Fujitsu 3400 or 3500? Are they not touch screen tablets that would work with your finger? They are cheap on eBay. I assume you could attach an IR tramsmitter to the tablet.
Quite a few people use the 3400 or 3500 to control their HA systems. Each has space for a wireless PC card which allows you just to go through your network for contol. If the size does not deter you, it is a good choice.