Anyone using Rain8UPB?


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How in the heck do you get this thing to work properly? I did the config and set it all up, but only 2 of the valves turn on and none turn off no matter what. I am only using their demo program to test right now tho I do have mcsSprinklers setup but I believe it's the same issue.



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I set up a Rain8UPB with an extension module for 10 zones last week and it is working correctly. I did have trouble with the demo program reading the zone status so I simply used the demo program to turn zones on and off but then I confirmed zone status with a voltmeter. This confirmed all was working properly. I then set up ELK M1 rules to run the Rain8 via UPB signals.

Michael McSharry

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If you run the Communication Check from the Rain8 page of mcsSprinklers it will give you a better picture of how the module is responding to the commands. Also make certain you do not have overlaping UPB DIDs with other modules on your network.