Anyone using Zwave to outside/outbuilding?


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I have two things i would like to do:

1) control several outdoor outlets via 20amp zwave relays... Looks like the 3-way 20 amp relay is discontinue per Smarthome's website... And i'm having a hardtime finding alternatives (in zwave). Reason for the 20 vs 15 is we run a lot of christmas lights and i struggle with GFCI's tripping alot in past experience. Any suggestions?

2) Control lighting in my outbuilding... Maybe 80' max between the clostest zwave switches on either sides of the exterior block walls... Am i gonna struggle with reliability at that distance? I could put one half way in conduit/outdoor box just as a bridge, but ould rather not...


The InTouch contactor module should work to control the higher loads. I think it's rated for 30A, and controls two loads.

You're going to be okay at 80' in some circumstances and not in others. I would plan on putting one halfway in between, and be happy if you don't need to.

If the GFCI is tripping instead of the main breaker, your problem is not overload but likely moisture. The GFCI is doing just what it is supposed to do and upping the amperage will do nothing to stop it. In these types of situations, GFCI's can be very frustrating to use.

Thanks Chris!

The only thing about the contactor route is that i would like local control too... I guess i could wire local switches into Elk inputs and feed relays to control the contactors (which is what i was planning to do for the pool pump, etc)...

No worries, that's be another output expander/relay board... I'll never be done buying products from Elk :ph34r:

Or are you maybe saying get contactors rated at 120V on both sides and go straight from zwave switch into the controlling side of the contactor and straigh off the breaker into the load and then onto the GFCI?

Possible - i had looked at per one of Spanky's prior posts...

I guess i have several concerns, namely i plan on putting outlets around my 3/4 acre lot and would like to use them for power tools, etc when needed. So the limited amerpage (2-8 per channel concerns me). Also i'd have to run a lot more cable to more locations to to the amp limits... I was thinking a total of 3or 4 20 amp circuits... Just seems easier to drop (3) 12 gauge romex in conduit and dig a couple of trenches then 16... I don't need flashing/sequences... just on / off

but i may look a little more into that option...