Anywone using Leviton Vizia RF RZC0P-1LW serial?


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The post that mentioned this device got me interested...

1) anyone using it - specifically with the elk serial interface?

2) anyone have electronic doc they send a link to... i can't find it on leviton's website (esp what commands /output it has).

3) i think could this be my ticket that solves the Elk issues in my other post and or provide 2-way comm back to the elk on a device/group/scene level as well... Assuming i could just define the strings i need and send to a serial expander port... And if the Leviton sends serial data too, the elk could just listen for strings (downside would be the number of strings i'd have to defane)?

I think HAI is using this for their Vizia RF interface - according to documentation over on worthington's site.

I just bought the Elk zwave module but haven't taken it out of the box yet. I hope Elk is able to get it to cooperate with Vizia RF

Spanky, any thoughts?