APC BX-1500 UPS $99 at Office Depot

Sorry about that..

That's what OD calls it. Mine arrived today and it's called an Back UPS XS 1500.

Here's a page for it at APC

The instruction sheet is for the RS/XS line. Here's the sheet at APC's site.

One thing the RS has this does not is surge protection for an ethernet connection, which I'm not too concerned about missing.

The other difference listed in the specs is that the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) on the RS is +/- 12% whereas the XS is only +12%. In other words, the RS helps for both over and undervoltage, while the XS only helps for undervoltage, if I'm understanding that properly.

Here's the same model at CompUSA
gcimmino said:
WayneW said:
Does it have SmartSignalling?
If you mean communication to a computing device to signal the power and UPS condition, yes. Via USB.
APC has two classes of computer interfaces, SimpleSignalling & SmartSignalling. Simple lets the computer know the UPS is running on battery. Smart is a true data connection and you can monitor how much load is on the UPS, the runtime, the voltage & frequency, etc. It appears this unit has Simple. Thanks.
True, all the Back UPS models appear to be Simple Signaling.

This application was to provide support and signaling to an Infrant NAS, where on battery and low battery were all that was required.