APC HS-500 Structured Media UPS

They are not new. I've had one for about a year. I was originally excited about it, but be careful to look at the ratings. It does not provide the backup capacity I would have liked (considering the low power draw of items on it).

On the other hand, it is wall mounted, and is accessible via web site (dont remember if it does SNMP).

For example, for around $45 Motorolla has a battery backup unit that will keep my cablemodem (and hence VOIP) up for 5-8 hours. This thing won't do an hour if I remember correctly. Since it was fairly inexpensive I ordered one without looking at it as closely as I should have. Think I got mine for aroun $90 from buy.com.

There should be a shot of mine on the wall in the showcase area.

Also note, I have not tested it, but I suspect it is the cause of virtually no x10 signals leaving that circuit.
I suspect it is the cause of virtually no x10 signals leaving that circuit.
Interesting. Not the greatest design for a structured wiring unit if it eats X10.

Whenever I install a UPS in/around the structured wiring cabinet and/or automation system, I use one of the Leviton ones. They are specially made to be compatible with X10 signals. Hopefully signal suckers will become less of a problem with the newer technologies, but I prefer to have as much backward compatibility as possible.
I'll try to run some tests to confirm my suspicions.

What I have on that circuit:
1. APC HS-500 (the unit we are talking about)
2. Elk M1 Gold
3. Motorolla Cable Modem
4. A few linksys switches (gigabit & standard)
5. A coax distribution amplifier (Channel Plus)
6. 2 Tivos
7. 2 Cable boxes (Scientific Atlanta)
8. An APC rack mounted surge suppressed outlets

I was figuring it was either the HS-500 or the rack mounted power strip (#8).

It seemed logical that the HS-500 could have more of an impact, but I will test it since otherwise I've alleged that they really missed their market. (Should be easy enough, I'll just unplug it and try again).