Apple iPhone

Hey David, do you have screenshots of that setup? I know it would get a lot of attention :)
I don't know who David is, but I assume you're asking me... see
I am going to respectfully ask that this does not turn into a 'how to hack the iPhone' thread. I am not going to debate the legality or morality of it but I don't think CocoonTech is the proper place to discuss this, or link to sites that do. I'm all for freedom of speech, etc, but lets keep this thread (and others) on track with the intent of the forum. Thanks!
sorry, I thought Dan was asking me to give a link to it, because I didn't know who David was or if he knew my name :) The weird thing is, I've met Spanky before in person... just forgot his real name.

As for whether or not to discuss it, it's probably not the appropriate topic in an Elk forum, but it's out there and it's free and Apple is not suing anyone (yet), so I don't see why it couldn't be a topic for Hobby Boards.
I would actually be interested in seeing the interface for the iPhone to the Elk. Is this posted anywhere?
ELK does not have pictures yet of the ELK iPhone interface to the ELK M1. The lucky ones that attended the ELK booth at the CEDIA or ISC show may have got to see it demonstrated. There are no changes or software addons to the iPhone. Using the iPhone browser or most any browser you get real time control and status updates of the M1 system.

The great thing is that the server only serves webpages based on html and javascript for quick, efficient page loads. The status of each item on a page updates very quickly without redrawing the entire page.

No slow to load JAVA Applets! :huh:
The plan is to make the pages do the same as ELKRM and beyond. The demonstrated product was controlling the M1.

I have not tried it, but can you go to an IP camera with the iPhone and view the camera image?
I was at CEDIA and saw the iPhone interface controlling the M1. It looked good and was very responsive.

I have been controlling my system with a Cingular 8125 and CQC for nearly a year. I can tell you that it is not responsive, mainly due to the cell network, but it does work.
i currently run ElkRM on my 8525 and have zero complaints.. i imagine performance would be worse on the iPhone, however, since it is not 3G