AprilAire 8870 - Is This Correct?


Going through eBay just checking out the deals on all different automation stuff and I run across this auction:

eBay Auction - AprilAire

Can anyone verify this is the same as the AprilAire even though it does not have the AprilAire name? It is considerably less expensive but since I've not had any experience with thermostats I thought I'd ask you folks.

What's your opinion?


I'd be concerned that Aprilaire may have crippled the serial control or something else, or perhaps "enhanced" something for ADMu which makes existing drivers meaningless.
Good point...is there any way to find out? I am not familiar with this ADMu brand name?

Wonder if AprilAire would respond to such a question? Humm

I am not intending to buy, but was just curious for my own information.

Aprilaire support is pretty dang good, they've always been very fast with my emails through their website.
Well, here is the answer I got from Aprilaire:

Thank you for contacting us regarding the Aprilaire Communicating Thermostats.

Yes we manufacture the communicating thermostats for ADM. They are exactly the same as the ones branded Aprilaire. We imprint them with ADM logo instead of Aprilaire.

We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.

You were right, the reply was very fast!....

So, guess they are the same animal.