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In adding Insteon support to my AHAA app, I commented out a lot of the code supporting the CM15a.

I wanted to get some opinions as to if it is worth the extra work to keep the CM15a supported, or should I focus on the Insteon controller?

I would drop CM15a in a heart beat, but I think the techniques to keep it supported will become more relevant in the future when I will also want to support a UPB/ZWare controller too. At the same time, no one uses the damn CM15a and other packages don't support it either, so maybe I should take a clue?

I will put the Insteon screen shots up this weekend and also the Phidget screens I forgot before.
Sorry not going to answer your question but I just took a look at your site.

The Blue background is terrible to where I couldn't focus on reading anything.

Your scren shots look great though.

Don't forget to pickup the Zwave SDK for much easier support with Zwave. ;)
Laugh, I know. I spent a whopping 20 minutes on it and stole the site I wrote for a girl in town. LOL

I just got VWD install and working on a .NET site to replace it.

I hope to have it done this weekend, but I am so close to finishing the Insteon support, I am having priority delimas.

I guess no one is teasing me about Insteon, so maybe I should work on the web site. =D

I know a Flash programmer in town that will do a logo/banner for me for free, but I have not given him anything to work with yet. Just so busy.

It's sad, but I wasn't planning on having visitors. I am just going to move the photo album to the main page and get rid of the rest for now.