Arming elk remotly with windows open...


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Ok, I’m not sure if it is me doing something wrong or if this is correct opperation. I was showing off my elk today and showed how if a zone is violated it would tell me when it armed, and wouldnt arm not just show it on the keypad. Then I went into the remote features. It allowed me to arm the system with 3 zones violated via phone. It went through the count down and armed. Shouldn't it have told me that it couldn’t arm? or if this is the way it was programmed to be shouldn’t it have told me that 3 zones were violated?
I just test my alarm M1 system and I confirm what you just said by being able to remotely arm the system even though, in my case, front door and side door are still open.

I really think it is a major bug.
I would be OK with it if it notified me of the violated zones... so if I left a window open and didnt realize it and wanted to arm remotly... I wouldnt have to go home to close the window to have the rest of the zones protected....