[Article] 2008 Holiday gift guide


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It's the time of year where people will be looking for gift ideas for the home automation, security, and theater enthusiast. Here is a list of possible gift ideas that will make you the envy of all Cocooners!

1. SageTV plus Extenders:

SageTV is an industry-leading software technology that allows users to create and operate complete media centers from an existing PC. Building on the concept of personal video recorders (PVRs) such as TiVo?, the SageTV Media Center adds complete control of home media such as TV, movies, music and photos through an easy-to-use interface. Users can pause live TV, record their favorite shows, access their music collection and play DVDs all from one application. By delivering such an integrated media solution, SageTV is helping to define the media center market and taking the concept of personalized home media entertainment to the next level.

SageTV is a great addition to your home theater system. If you use CQC there is even a plugin to control it. I like the capability to distribute live TV and media recordings around the house using just Cat5e cable (i.e. home network). You can easily view the media on your PC via PlaceShifter as well. High Def versions of the media extenders are also available.

If you are not familiar with SageTV, check out their site or ask some questions here!

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